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Jingle Cross


There are so many excuses why this report is late... as riveting as the Midwest is, it simply doesn't compare to diving into a warm waffle in Belgium. That's my main excuse. Also, European Internet functions in a Morse-code-like continuum: a dash of service here, a dot there. And the message it sends is quite clear: "It is not possible."

But here we are in the UK, where the Internet seems to be far more reliable, and I have the afternoon to catch up on the last few racing adventures. Hopefully, I'll have forgotten some things by now so you'll actually have a reasonable length read this time.


This was our 9-hour drive from Louisville to Iowa City. Period.

Ok I lied. Yelp directed us to a Turkish restaurant for lunch in Illinois. It was really tasty, although we disappointed our host by downing the Turkish coffee without sugar despite being foreigners who "wouldn't like it." I want to try making the lentil soup with mint and the dill-potato-zucchini pancakes.

1932394_10205095774854268_814708555918488155_n copy.jpg

We arrived in Iowa to 60 degree weather and a bright sunset and stopped for groceries at a co-op that made Whole Foods seem like a bargain basement.