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What's it like to vacation with a family of nine?

Well, the answer certainly isn't as easy as ABC; it's going to take the entire alphabet to field that question. So here goes:

A is for Anthonys. Top row left to right: Caleb, Jesse, Silas. Middle row: Papa Joe, Naomi's husband Joe, Josh, Gabe. Bottom row: Mom Marci, Naomi and Scarlett, Carrie and Gavin, Crystal.


B is for Boat. The siblings pitched in to rent one and Josh, Joe, and Silas studied aggressively to acheive their boating licenses with perfect scores. No demise on water skiis (see below) could be attributed to the drivers.


C is for Coffee. The only thing we take more seriously than food (see "E" and "T" below) is coffee. We had many iterations: French press, single drip, percolator, cold brew.

photo 1_edited.JPG