MTB Skills Clinic FAQs


What skill level rider will benefit the most from the clinic?


The clinic is geared toward intermediate-level riders.  Riders who have a basic comfort on and familiarity with a mountain bike, but who have specific skills they would like to practice and hone will benefit the most from the clinic.

What skills will be covered?


One of the benefits to keeping the group small is that we are able to tailor the specific skills we cover to the needs and desires of the group.  Potential skills include:

  • Cornering

  • Descending

  • Climbing

  • Catching air

  • Doing wheelies

  • Getting over logs and obstacles 

  • Navigating rocks and roots

  • Analyzing race tactics

  • Getting a good race start

  • Choosing the right bike, tires, and tire pressure

  • Fueling on the bike

What kind of bike should I bring?


You should ride the bike that your train and/or race on so that you get comfortable doing the skills on your own bike.  Cross-country style bike (hard tail or full suspension) is best, and having a dropper post is especially helpful.

What is the nearest airport?


Fayetteville (XNA) is the closest airport, and is a 20-minute drive or ~$30 Lyft away from downtown Bentonville.

Where will we be staying?

We have rented a large AirBnB in downtown Bentonville for all riders. Mostly like it will involve a shared room situation.


What if I have food allergies or other dietary restrictions?

I am happy to accommodate any dietary needs!  When you fill out the clinic survey after you register, simply let me know what your needs are and I will do my best to modify recipes accordingly.

Is it a good idea to extend my stay before or after the camp?

Yes! Bentonville and the surrounding towns are full of all kinds of varieties of trails to explore. You won't get bored!

What kind of weather can we expect?

The average high in Bentonville in June is 84 degrees.