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Wake Me When September Comes

Crisp, cool mornings hint at fall, but soon roil into sunny hot afternoons that confirm it is still summer. August is a month of waiting. Mountain bike season is over for me, but cross has not yet started. For the first time in 11 years (minus one to get my Master's degree), I won't be going back to teach this fall, so the anticipation of cross season is unhampered by the end of summer vacation freedom.

Teaching is so much a part of me though that I already had one of those anxious back-to-school dreams. My colleague Doris-Ann (who incidentally had also moved into my house) shook me awake one morning to ask me to sub for her; she'd come down with the flu. I love Doris-Ann, and was anxious to help, but I was just SO TIRED!

I suppose the exhaustion after last cross season's fray of travel and work still haunts me. Ok, there was a certain bad-ass pride I took in pulling off things like landing in Brussels at 10am with bikes dismantled and racing a World Cup 3.5 hours later. However, that schedule was simply not sustainable, and as many of you know, I decided to take a one-year leave of absence from my position as a 7th grade Spanish and French teacher.

Regardless of the challenges of juggling two "careers," the dream was a funny way of reminding me that teaching is full of moments I will miss:

One of our favorite projects of the year, writing Spanish versions of Dr. Seuss' "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" and reading them to elementary students:

student dr seuss.JPG

As cliché as it is, just seeing students "get it" is the best feeling, and when they make beautiful art to show how much they've learned, it's even better:

Chapter review poster.JPG

Besides, they are just when they invented "Verb Mutants" by mixing and matching verb phrases and illustrating the mix-ups: