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Tom Catalano

Tom Catalano is a versatile athlete, ready to tackle the distance of the the Dirty Kanza 200, the altitude of Leadville, or the intensity of a cross race. He's the head of a 15-person Boston-based architectural firm.

"I'm passionate about cyclocross and any opportunity to ride one of my bikes whether it be on the road, in the woods or on a cross course. Sailing with my family and friends on the New England coast or windsurfing on Nantucket Sound are also favorite stress relievers.

Getting on a podium once in a while has been satisfying. Getting on the podium for my age group in the DK 200 was a great moment as was finishing the Leadville 100 in time for a belt buckle. Seeing my kids grow up and thrive is however my proudest and most satisfying accomplishment."

Follow Tom on Instagram: @tomcatalano and @catalanoarchitechs

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