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Shanna Miceli - On training through her pregnancy

With over a decade of running experience, racing distances between the 5k and half marathon, Shanna sought out coaching to help her work toward a new goal: staying fit and healthy through her pregnancy. Shanna's routine incorporated running, walking, spinning, pre-natal yoga, and specially tailored strength and core sessions to build strength and maintain fitness.  We communicated frequently to ensure her program was manageable, and continually modified intensity and duration as her due date approached.  Shanna stayed active throughout her full pregnancy. After she delivered a healthy baby girl, and demonstrated an incredibly fast and positive recovery, I asked if she would share her experience as an inspiration to other expecting moms. Whether you're an experienced athlete, or are just developing an interest in staying active for your health, finding a good program to keep you moving during your pregnancy can benefit your and your baby's health as well as assist in post-natal recovery!

"I trained throughout my whole pregnancy, running, weight lifting, doing yoga, and spinning. After having my baby, I immediately started doing some post-natal exercises to start rebuilding my core strength. At 4 weeks, I had lost almost all of the weight I had gained during pregnancy, and although I wasn’t yet running, I was able to walk and do gentle yoga in the weeks immediately following Alice’s birth. At 5 weeks, I was able to start going on the elliptical, and at 6 weeks I started running again (both my doctor and pelvic floor therapist said it was fine as long as I listened to my body.) At my 6-week appointment with a pelvic floor therapist, my therapist said that my abs had already come back together and that my body was really strong and that it was definitely due to my training while pregnant. While having a baby has changed my life, having a workout regimen while pregnant helped me stay healthy and bounce back so that I could get back into running. I really can’t say enough about how great my experience working with [Crystal] during my pregnancy was. Thanks again!."

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