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Shanna Miceli

With over a decade of running experience, racing distances between the 5k and half marathon, Shanna Miceli sought out coaching to help her work toward a new goal: staying fit and healthy through her pregnancy. She has been incorporating running, walking, spin, pre-natal yoga, and a specially tailored core and strength routine to build strength and maintain fitness.  At 34 weeks, she's still going strong!  What an inspiration to all expecting moms who aspire to stay active and healthy.

"My name is Shanna and I am a runner, and also pregnant. I'm due in August and have been running during my whole pregnancy.  I am passionate about my family, staying healthy, and teaching. My job can be stressful and working out keeps me grounded and helps me manage the day to day stress.  Honestly, every time I finish a run I feel accomplished. If I can run at 34 weeks pregnant, I'll be back to my usual running regimen in no time after having a baby. Other than that, I'm proud that I finished my Master's degree this year.  My goals are to stay as healthy and pain-free as possible during my pregnancy. I also want to improve my strength, which I've definitely been able to do since increasing my strength training earlier in my pregnancy."

Follow Shanna on Instagram @ShannaMiceli

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