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Sarah McCarthy

After taking a decade+ hiatus, Sarah McCarthy returns to the race scene with a focus on mountain biking and cyclocross. Living and training at altitude, she used that preparation and her climbing prowess to earn 2nd overall at the demanding Epic Rides Carson City Off-Road 35.  Sarah is a thoughtful athlete, always asking good questions and using her experience and insight to maintain a productive dialogue about training and racing.  

"I'm an attorney and mom who somehow got lucky enough to live in the mountains while 'having it all.'  I like to be outside.  A lot.  Having goals that push me in cycling makes sure I prioritize getting outside for a good chunk every day. That makes me a more sane and tolerable human.  Thus far, my most meaningful accomplishment is apparently having raised a kind small human.  It's the hardest thing I've ever done. Some of my other proud moments have been leading 5.10 trad on a climb that scared me, earning a podium at national championships (long ago), and bike packing the Colorado Trail.  My goal going forward is to find a mountain bike race that I really love, and then win it."

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