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Michele Satrowsky

Michele is a loving mom and partner, an engaged teammate, a hardworking treasurer for a public company, and a tenacious athlete. She's so consistent and conscientious, her workout files look like they were administered via smart trainer! While Michele may have only come into competitive cycling at 40, she's wasted no time tackling challenges, including earning a Leadville buckle in her inaugural endurance event! She's eager to learn and to improve, has a quiet but powerful determination, and has ambitious goals ahead.

"Who is Michele Satrowsky?  It’s a great question that I keep asking myself and trying to figure out.  I’m a proud mum of a freshman nursing student, committed partner, deeply caring friend and adrenaline junkie that needs to keep challenging myself all while trying to excel at my full-time job as a public company treasurer.  There often are not enough hours in the day to satisfy the desire to live each day to the fullest and that nagging little question of ‘what is possible?’ My greatest cycling accomplishment is building a community of friends that are now my extended family.  Also on the list: 1) starting competitive cycling as a 40 year old; 2) daring to tackle the Leadville 100 as my first endurance event and earning my belt buckle; and 3) tackling the BC Bike race with 10 stitches in my hand – I still have unfinished business there after crashing and having to pull out with a fractured hand.  Naturally, the BC Bike race is on my bucket list as well as Rebecca’s Private Idaho.  Near term, on the top of the list is upping my game on the mountain bike and being able to take on more technical races and maybe MSA at the end of the season.  I hope that will translate into a competitive cross season.  It is so awesome to race with the spirited masters women’s field."  

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