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Meghan Grabau

A lifetime runner, Meghan has taken her pastime to a completely new level over the last 15 months.  She diligently progressed from a walk-run routine in early 2017 to racing a half marathon that October.  A dog lover who owns her own dog-walking business, she balances a very active job with training and racing.  One of Meghan's best qualities as an athlete is the maturity she shows in knowing how to push herself, how to rest/recover/ease off, and when to do which--a rare quality for sure, but one that has seen her make amazing progress.  After suffering a setback injury in the spring 2018, she again showed patience and determination in following a rigorous rehab routine and coming back to set a PR at the BAA 10k in June. Look for Meghan to keep ticking off PRs as she trains for Beach to Beacon and beyond!

"I'm a small business owner of a dog walking business that has me hiking 3-4 hours a day with groups of dogs. I also foster dogs for a local rescue.  I enjoy being outside and working with dogs. I'm passionate about dog rescue and helping dogs overcome their fears/past life through exercise and training.  In my personal life, I love running trails and road. Running allows me to clear my head from work and life stress as well as stay fit for my job so that I'm not overly tired from hiking with the dogs.  

Some of my recent accomplishments are coming back from injury and health issues to be faster and stronger and set new PRs; completing a half marathon and hitting my time goal last fall; and setting a PR at the BAA 10k despite stomach bug the day before.  


Looking ahead, my goals include racing to a PR at the Beach 2 Beacon 10k and continuing to hit pace targets and PRs in future races/workouts after turning 40 at the end of July."  

Follow Meghan on Instagram @mgrabau

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