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Lisa May

Lisa is one of the most diligent, thorough, and witty communicators I know. She puts incredible thought into her equipment choices, training strategies, and skill work, and has an entertaining way of documenting her continued experimentation and learning across all topics.  Distance is no issue for Lisa: she's done Curt's Ride (a cancer fundraising ride covering the length of her home state of Florida, 620 miles) five times, as well as other long endurance events like RAGBRAI, Croatan Buck Fifty hundred, etc.  Did I mention that Lisa's day job is, indeed, rocket science?  She has worked as a systems engineer and manager for NASA and currently is transitioning to a position as Deputy Space Exploration Architect at Lockheed Martin.

"Lisa May is an avid practitioner of bike touring and dumb adventures. As a lifelong road-bike rider, Lisa recently moved to cyclocross and gravel, in part because of the welcoming, inclusive community, but also because she prefers to color outside the lines. Lisa enjoys learning new skills and prefers challenges that require as much focus as fitness. She likens this to her evolution from road marathons to hashing and trail running in the 90s.


After a long hiatus that included running, martial arts, and soccer, she returned to biking on Bike to Work Day in 2006. Her favorite bike accomplishments include celebrating her 50 th birthday by riding the length of Florida (her home state) from the Georgia border to Key West, while also raising funds for the American Cancer Society. She has since done that ride four more times, along with a self-supported  ad hoc 500-mile circuit around central Florida, a couple of RAGBRAIs, and some riding in the Pyrenees. She typically rides one of two Sevens: an Axiom SL and an Evergreen.


When she isn’t on a bike, Lisa is a systems engineer/manager in the space business. She managed NASA’s Mars Program for a few years and then started a technology consulting firm. Her career has afforded her the opportunity to rent and ride bikes all over the world from the UAE to Los Angeles and points in between. Her newest adventure takes her to Colorado where she’ll be the Deputy Space Exploration Architect at Lockheed Martin in Denver, where she understands the cycling may just be pretty good.


Having grown up in South Florida, Lisa is perpetually swallowing her anxiety about climbing hills and challenging herself with hilly goals. Her current coaching goal? To finish the full 75-mile Hilly Billy Roubaix, hills, gravel, mud, and all."

Follow Lisa on Instagram @theldmay

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