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Jeff Elie

In 2016, Jeff and I raced the TransAlp 7-day mountain bike stage race through Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.  We'd been friends a long time but that experience gave me even more insight into what a tough and tenacious athlete he is! After grueling days that racked up to 12k in elevation, Jeff continued to power us up climb after climb, and kept a positive attitude even after both our bikes pretty much exploded during one stage. He's clever at finding cost-effective ways to fix things, conscientious about his workouts, and dedicated to his family and job.

"I'm a father, athlete, and working guy living in Beverly, MA. I love DIY projects, fixing anything that breaks, riding around on my scooter, and of course, riding bikes. These days I'm pretty focused and busy trying to be an all-around rad dad, good husband, and well-functioning member of society. I've been enjoying the process of getting back into race shape and still love those long days in the saddle and having my bike take me to places I wouldn't normally visit.  Some of the accomplishments I am most proud of are ongoing: successfully raising a daughter, working full time, training, and being a husband.  Racing TransAlp 2016 was also a satisfying accomplishment. Some of my goals for 2019 - top 20 at Dirty Kanza, spend as much time as possible riding off-road, teach my daughter how to ride a two-wheeler, and really just channel some of my training into decent race results, whether it be gravel races or long-distance mountain bike events."


Follow Jeff on Instagram @eiledj

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