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Feng Shui DOs and DON'Ts




  • Place your bed so that you can see the door

  • Make your bedroom cozy, comfortable, intimate, serene, sensual, and deeply restful

  • Use subtle lighting, peaceful colors, and comfortable furnishings

  • Encourage equality with two nightstands—each with a lamp

  • Choose rich, warm feng shui bedroom colors like browns, cream, lavenders, pinks, tans, beiges, peaches, violets, earthy reds, coral, chocolate, butter cream, terra-cotta, raspberry, burgundy, gold, bronze, rust, salmon, and honey

  • Add images that calm and inspire you

  • Images seen from bed should be harmonious, calm, peaceful and pleasant

  • Select natural, luxurious, and sensuous linens

  • Have a solid headboard



  • Avoid cool colors

  • Avoid photos of friends, family and religious figures “watching” you

  • No sharp edges

  • Don’t hang heavy objects over your head

  • Avoid views of cluttered closets or bathroom from the bed

  • Don’t put your bed in path of door

  • No mirrors reflecting the bed

  • Don’t store clutter under your bed

  • Don’t put your bed underneath a window; if you can’t avoid it, create the illusion of support with drapes, wooden shutters, or use a heavy headboard

  • Avoid all electrical equipment within five feet of the bed

  • Remove or soften anything looming overhead like a ceiling beam by moving your bed or covering the beam with cloth

  • Avoid having a TV in the bedroom or hide it when it is not in use

  • No desk or exercise equipment (screen them if you have to)

  • No live plants or flowers, silk is okay (too much activating chi)

  • No water and water images—too much emotional energy

  • Don’t overcrowd your bedroom with furniture

  • Avoid clutter, cluttered closets, or junk under bed


Finally, some important things to remember about Feng Shui.

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