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Chris Howell

Though an athlete his entire life, Chris Howell found a renewed appreciation for cycling as an adult.  In return for the good health, fun, and friendships that cycling has given him, he has put his analytical mind and determination to improving his riding.  I am hard pressed to find a training-related topic or theory that he has not already thoroughly researched and considered, and he is always eager to tackle challenging training and apply new strategies.  Although he is clearly serious about training, he keeps a sense of humor handy at all times. Chris has already crossed off one of his 2018 goals in finishing a sub-10-hour 100-mile mountain bike race (he was actually under 9:30 at Mohincan 100).

"I'm a software engineer with an addiction to competition and love for all things cycling.  My passions are bikes, adventure, travel and live music.  I will pedal and race anything on two wheels, sometimes to disastrous results.  I love traveling the country in search of a good race or concert, even better if I can find both!  Cycling changed my life and I love sharing that with others and helping stoke their love of the sport. Also I dig my crew role for my favorite cx racer ;)


Some of my favorite accomplishments are beating the sun at Dirty Kanza 200,  finishing the Mohican 100 under 9:30, and claiming my first and only bike racing win at Michaux Teberry MTB.  Looking forward, my goals include the top step in a CX race and fitness to keep me chasing adventure for decades."

Follow Chris on Instagram @cthowell13

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