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Ben Glenn

Ben brings a motivation for improvement and a curiosity around all aspects of training and racing. A true educator, he's always passing along good resources and sharing his discoveries. He's not one to shy away from adventure, bad weather, or tough workouts or races. At the same time, he makes sure to balance his athletic endeavors with family and his vocation as a teacher.

"I’m a dad to 4 kids, an educator, and very passionate cyclist. 

In my everyday life, I’m passionate about people and a progressive status quo. I’m passionate about being on the bike as much as possible whether that is in a race, neighborhood cruise, or commute to work. The bike has always been a part of my life. It has been my prescription to manage depression and ADHD over the years. Just knowing I can jump on a bike keeps me moving forward!


Thanks to several years of work, I'm definitely proud and happy to have sustainable mental health. I'm also pleased with my fitness level and excited to know there’s more to come. 


In my early years (back during the NORBA years) I podiumed at most mountain bike races across the state and took home some series championships. 

My key 2021 goal is to continue progressing to the front of the races as an endurance cyclist on 100+ mile gravel events by recovering properly, fueling efficiently, and completing workouts. A 6 to 6.5 hour 100 miler would be icing on the cake!

Give me a follow @time_to_bike"

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