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Ashley Stanton Niehoff

Don't let Ashley's kind and caring spirit fool you: as an athlete she will out-burpee you and then go smash her cycling intervals! One of the first memories I have of Ashley is her nonchalantly sharing stories about riding 160+ miles (starting and ending on top of Cadillac Mountain!) on power cranks, and about routinely riding fixed gear centuries.  With a background riding horses and competing in the hunter and jumper divisions, Ashley has also competed as a runner and triathlete, and more recently has turned her attention to cyclocross and road racing. Additionally, she completed a very rigorous training and certification to become a Les Mills Body Pump and GRIT Strength and Cardio instructor, and teaches several classes weekly.

"My mother taught me to be independent which has given me the courage to try new things and push boundries with myself.  I love the feeling of being strong, some years are better than others but there is great satisfaction after you have finished a workout or race with purpose and success.  Some of those most satisfying accomplishments for me have been learning to swim for training for triathlon in 6 months; completing the 2.4 mile swim on my 3rd open water swim; running my first marathon and qualifying for Boston after stopping for 10 minutes with stomach cramps and starting again to finish in 3:35; and winning for women the 25th annual Westside Race and being the only local woman to have won the race.  My goal is always to get stronger and reach peak performance but I am learning also how to race.  My goal is to be a better racer mentally."

Follow Ashley on Instagram @ash13stanton

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