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Mark Deaton

Mark Deaton is a senior contract analyst whose passions include endurance mountain biking and gravel. Since we've worked together, Mark has proven to be exceptionally consistent with training, to be open to new training methods and tools such as balance board work and Whoop, and to be impressively disciplined and successful at recovery. Mark and his life partner Sandy are also devoted training and racing partners, not just supporting each other but also competing together at stage races and blogging about it here.

"Growing up and living in North Carolina provides the perfect canvas for forested trail exploration.  I fell in love with mountain biking around 2001 and the lifestyle is now a major part of my everyday life. 


Today you can find me seeking backcountry mountain adventures (Pisgah!) with my life partner/one-and-only co-ed duo racing teammate Sandy Marshall.  Of course, Rennie and Diana, our two German Shorthaired Pointers are always close behind.


I convinced Sandy to start mountain biking and she in turn convinced me to start stage racing.  Completing our first stage race together was such a memorable event.  Each one we do together is a learning event that we continually progress from.


Looking forward to this year and advancing my stage racing efforts while mixing in some gravel racing just for giggles.  Well, Sandy may be giggling since she will probably crush me in gravel!"

Follow Mark on Instagram @markdetour

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