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Ella Brenneman

Ella Brenneman combines a competitive drive with hard work and promising young talent.  At 13, she already has shown how she puts her all into everything she pursues, making the National Honor Society while also playing lacrosse and racing mountain bikes and cyclocross.  Look out for Ella as she races cyclocross across the country for the new CX Hairs Devo Team this fall!

"I am an energetic person who enjoys being with my family.  When I am not doing sports, I am playing Fortnite and I love my dog, a LOT.  I generally like being active and doing well in school.  I enjoy playing lacrosse and racing my bike.  I go on runs with my sister and ride with my dad and brother.  Anything I enjoy, I give 100%.  Anyone that knows me will agree.


Some things I am proud of are that I am a member of the National Honor Society, that the first cyclocross race I did was a combined field and I beat all of the boys, and that I can race the local 1/2/3 races and be competitive.


I would like to continue to improve and move up on the results.  I know what my weaknesses are and I want to improve them.  I want to have a good result at Cyclocross Nationals."

Follow Ella on Instagram: @ella_brenneman

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