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Joanne Mercaldi

Joanne may have grown up surrounded by paved city streets, but she now is the master of boulders, roots, and features on her mountain bike. While she nimbly pedals up a massive rock, or calmly cruises down a steep drop, she'll tell you stories from her amazingly rich life.  In addition to taking time to session and ace technical challenges, she's a mom and wife, and she's also started, grown, and then sold her own company!

"I am a mom of 2 and wife of 1😂.  I am originally from NY so the concept of riding a bike in the woods was extremely foreign to me.  I attempted to mountain bike over 20 years ago and after nearly killing my husband over it several times, I actually started to enjoy myself.  The trails in the North Shore near Gloucester MA tend to be technical with many boulders and roots.  I started to enjoy the feeling of success when I was able to accomplish a move that I thought was not possible.  Over the years, through starting a business, raising 2 kids and keeping up with life in general- I find that mountain biking is a form of therapy that cannot be replicated.  The busier I got, the more I rode.  Today, it is was excites and drives me.  I am most passionate about mountain biking technical trails, improving my skills and trying new things.  I bike because I love it.  I have never entered a race or cycled competitively. Training with Crystal helps me get better and feel better to do what I love to do.  Some accomplishments I am most proud of are: raising some damn good kids; building and selling a successful business so that I can now enjoy life, family and my passion; and finally, launching a pretty good drop-off on my bike!  My goal this mountain bike season is to advance my skills and confidence with downhill enduro riding.  I want to drop bigger, corner better, ride faster and kick some tail."

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