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Euro Photo Journal


Euro Photo Journal

In lieu of writing a reflection or story from my most recent travels to Europe for the Koksijde and Milton Keynes World Cup races, I've decided to compile a photo journal of sorts. First of all, Europe is full of lovely things to look at, and if there were such a thing as architecture porn, it would certainly come from Europe. However, the other reason is that so far this year feels more like a series of photos than a story; there have been many rich moments but not a discernable plot. As I sort through a number of changes this year, I am savoring these moments as they come.


The first order of business upon landing in Brussels was to procure coffee, and to procure a suitable vehicle. As you can see, by suitable I mean the largest thing that Enterprise rents in Europe because we had 4 bike boxes, a large suitcase, 3 roller bags, and 3 backpacks.


We drove straight to my friends Glenn and Tatjana's bike shop, Bike and Cycle Oudenaarde, to build bikes and head for a spin around the lovely town of Oudenaarde, home to many of the famous cobbled climbs as well as the finish of the Tour