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Kelly Paduch

Kelly is an exemplar of someone truly dedicated to all aspects of cycling.  Not only does she train diligently to be the best racer she can be, but she also is a skilled mechanic who knows her machines. Furthermore, she is actively involved in promoting others' participation through opportunities including a Women's Cycling Week and a Rollerama gold sprints event at her shop.  She successfully made the jump to UCI cyclocross events this past year and is ready to chase even more gravel and cyclocross goals in 2019.

"I've lived in Harrisonburg, VA since attending James Madison University in 2010. Through riding bikes and a myriad of jobs from year to year since then, I earned myself a position at Rocktown Bicycles that has blossomed into a full-time job and my life's passion: helping people get into cycling (with a focus on women's cycling and equality in the sport). I love riding bikes for so many reasons: it's healthy, it lets me be competitive, it takes me outside and on adventures, I get to meet so many amazing people, and it makes the world a better place!

Some accomplishments I'm most proud of are winning the 2017 QBP Women's Bike Mechanic Scholarship to attend United Bicycle Institute, placing top 10 in the Pro Women's race at Iceman Cometh, and placing third in the 2018 Women's 25-29 MTB National Championships.

This year I'm looking forward to adventuring around the country for gravel races, and I cannot wait for cyclocross season to start up again! I'm hoping to improve my racing results all-around, and hopefully earn some UCI/ProCX points in the cyclocross races.

My Instagram handle is @kpbreesey. Give me a follow if you want to see what I'm up to!"

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