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  • Not on a sports team but enjoy friendly competition?

  • Don't have time for a varsity commitment but want to stay active?

  • New to the area and want some ideas for routes to ride or run?

  • Interested in finding training partners?

Join the Gordon College Strava Club, a group of students and faculty committed to improving health and well-being through physical activity!  Link up with friends on campus, participate in challenges, and learn more about how to increase your daily exercise while on campus.

If you’re not an athlete or serious exerciser — and want to work out for your health or to fit in your clothes better — the gym scene can be intimidating. Just having to walk by treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight machines can be enough to make you head straight back home to the couch.

Yet some of the best physical activities for your body don’t require the gym or require you to get fit enough to run a marathon. These “workouts” can do wonders for your health. They’ll help keep your weight under control, improve your balance and range of motion, strengthen your bones, protect your joints, prevent bladder control problems, and even ward off memory loss. 

First-year college students who regularly visit the campus gym are likely to have higher grade point averages than those who don't.

 We all know that exercise gets you toned, increases strength and makes you feel great. But oh, it does so much more.

Here is a neat infographic as a reminder of the many positive effects a great workout can have on you mentally, emotionally and, of course, physically. 

Sure, exercise is good for your body, but did you ever think about how it could boost your mood?

Happify, a website dedicated to helping people build skills for happiness through science-based activities and games, put together an infographic exploring all the ways fitness makes us happier -- and also how to make our workouts more fun.

So get moving -- and smile while you're at it! 

Nutrition and hydration are two critical factors that help you get the most out of your workout. To set yourself up for success, make sure you’re eating and drinking the right stuff before AND after you get your sweat on.


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