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Caleb Christian

Caleb is one of the most mentally tough people I know, able to keep a positive attitude even in the toughest circumstances. He served his country for seven years in the marines, including three consecutive years in embassies in Kabul, Afghanistan, Johannesburg, South Africa, and Moscow, Russia. While he dealt with challenging living conditions and odd work hours there, he still managed to keep training and stay fit. Now that he is back stateside, he's enjoying the great cycling opportunities in Utah and turning his grit toward multiple cycling goals in mountain bike, gravel, and cyclocross.  

"I spent seven years in the Marines and now am a leader in the hospitality industry. My Main focus is gravel, cross country mountain bike, and cyclocross.  


I'm passionate about sharing my hobbies to others and about travel.


Some accomplishments I'm proud of are that I served in 3 embassies as a Marine security guard, I finished DK (now Unbound Gravel) 200 in 2019, and bought my first house last year.


This will be the most epic race year of my life! Unbound, 2 Belgian Waffle Rides, Rebecca's Private Idaho, Crusher,  several local XC and CX series, and the Wasatch All-Road. 


Give me a follow @snowskiwater."

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