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Sara Hunt

Always seeking the next challenge, Sara Hunt has a remarkable story over the last several years.  Not only did she transform herself from being inactive to finishing multiple Ironmen and multiple ultra marathons, she did this while pursuing her Bachelor's, Master's and now Doctorate in Forensic Psychology! She's also a skilled wrench in an auto repair shop.  Her drive and determination will see her go far as she now focuses on mountain bike and cyclocross racing.

"I'm a full time auto repair shop manager and Psychology doctoral student by day, any other time you can find me either in the woods on my bike or hiking.  Otherwise, I'm being completely laid back and I'm on the couch watching Food Network reruns. My love for challenging myself both mentally and physically keeps me moving. If something says hard or tough,  I'm going to try it. I don't give up on anything. I'm a super endurance junkie! 


I'm most proud of just changing my life the past few years, going from overweight and lazy to seven years later being a multiple Ironman finisher, multi ultra marathon finisher including the Leadville 50, and now working my way up in the mountain bike and cyclocross racing scene. Meanwhile, I acquired my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Forensic Psychology and now am getting my Doctorate.

My goals right now are to learn to get out of my comfort zone- unleash my power! I want to become more competitive in cyclocross, and overall get stronger as a cyclist."

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