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Derby City Cup Report


Right about mid-way through, the cross season hovers like a hungry vulture over the midwest. Riders compete in 8 races over 17 days, scrounging for points and momentum leading into the final phase of the season. Schedulers made the '14-'15 US cross season comendably efficient in the geographic sense: starting out west, migrating east for several weekends, hopping back to the midwest for November, and then dispersing until January in Texas. Staying within time zones is both easier on the system and also on the caravan drivers, and since I have work flexibility this year, the team and I decided I would stay on the road for the 3 weeks between Cincinnati and Iowa.

With both mechanics having commitements back home the week after Cincy, Kerry and I headed the team rig down to Lousiville with Kerry at the helm.


Ahead of time, I had searched the area for a Bikram yoga studio, as I practice fairly regularly back home. Bikram Yoga Louisville was located 15 miles north of our hotel, so I decided to hop on my Diamonback once we got there and meander to yoga and back. Kerry joined me on the route there, with Siri yelling directions from my pocket. First we crossed a glass-strewn highway bridge, then we darted through successive 16-lane intersections before embarking on a sustained 8-mile jaunt down a six-lane highway with some extraordinary scenery.


Fortunately, Kerry made it back to the hotel ok and I made it to the studio ok. The yogis welcomed me like a stray cat, intrigued and entertained by my method and attire of arrival.


It felt great to sweat out three days of hard racing; one of the things I really like about Bikram is that it's the same 26 postures and sequence no matter where or when you go. That said, it made me appreciate my home studio at Bikram Yoga Danvers! After the unpleasantly urban route out, I decided to ask Siri for an alternate route back to the hotel, which she was pleased to contrive.